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The Shenks

October 9, 2016


Lauren and Danielle have been best friends since as far back as she can remember.  I remember as a relatively new interloper to their relationship early on when Lauren and I were dating, I got to know her in the car on long drives to trail races, chasing drunk drivers on 495, even getting down on the dance floor when we all went to Ring Dance at the Academy.  I distinctly remember the conversation where we talked about this guy she was smitten with, and the lengths she went to to subtly get him to date her.  If two people were ever made for eachother, Danielle and Neal were certainly that couple.  When Neal proposed under the light of a tree in the middle of a field that he had rigged with lights (yeah he’s also super smart), Lauren and I were on the phone for the best friend phone call announcing the news.

Danielle and Neal have been our rock over the years, helping us through pregnancies, deployments, being newly married, you name it.  We were thrilled when they welcomed their first son, Noah, and when we found out baby #2 was on the way, Lauren was able to fly out and be there to help with baby Graham.  She also brought her camera.

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