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Rob + Kayleigh

August 12, 2017

Rob and Kayleigh met us on a quiet evening at the park, Wyatt, their son, in tow riding in a red Radio Flyer wagon. There are moments when as a photographer, you have a good feeling about things.  Diffused light, deep shadows, light haze that sculpts shapes in the air, these are things I notice and make me flick my camera on.

And good people. Happy people.

People with a life that glows from within.

Rob and Kayleigh are these type of people.  So on that evening, with small clouds of gnats flittering above a meadow of fresh cut grass, the sun came down perfectly on this gorgeous couple. Kayleigh laughed, her golden hair absorbing the sunset. Wyatt, testing new legs, tottered and tumbled across the dappled lawn. Rob, half his face sunburned around the limits of the brim of his baseball hat, beaming as he walked Wyatt over the grass.

It’s silent in the viewfinder. In those moments with my eye pressed to the small glass window time slows, the roar of reality fades and the moment hangs silent like a fresh snowfall. And in that moment all I can see is the love.



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