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Ed + Rachel

December 27, 2016

I have known Ed for close to ten years, we both met in Newport Rhode Island at Prep School prior to attending the Naval Academy.  Over the next five years we kept in touch on and off and in the wave of post-graduation weddings I heard that he and Rachel had tied the knot.  All three of us knew each other in that passing “oh-I-went-on-summer-cruise-with-them-once” kind of way, so when we discovered that we were all stationed in the same area, they asked Lauren and I to photograph little Guinevere.

There’s a line in the Naval Academy Alma Mater that goes “But still when two or three shall meet, And old tales be retold, From low to highest in the Fleet, We’ll pledge the Blue and Gold.”  As we pulled up to their D.C. home amidst the hugs and smiles of our reunion it was as if no time had passed.  When Ed pulled out his guitar, my mind flashed back to when we were 18 and biding our time until liberty call in our Rhode Island barracks…now his adorable daughter sat in his lap and pluckily picked at the strings.  Completely coincidentally the Navy football game played in the background and we chatted about where the military had sent us since graduation.  The conversation came easy and little Vera melted all our hearts with her big Christmas smile.  Little Ariel and Jasmine skittered around playing with Vera, completing the picture of this happy family.  Here are a few of our favorite memories from that visit.


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