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Joel + Julie

December 20, 2016

One of the more fun aspects of photography comes from the people you meet through word of mouth recommendations.  Julie contacted us for a lifestyle shoot after seeing some photos we did for Lauren’s best friends (also blogged here, *shameless plug*).  We arrived at Julie and Joel’s house, a cozy row house in D.C., nestled in a youthful neighborhood.  Personally, my favorite part of this job is in the moments before we ring the doorbell, I love the nervous anticipation of who we will meet, the mystery of the location, and the welling excitement of the photos waiting to be taken.

In a lifestyle shoot, we aim to capture the daily life, everyday moments to look back on years from now, and baby Evan’s new parents did not disappoint, even Austin the dog made an appearance.  Their home was a dream to shoot in, lots of light, an adorable nursery, and a very happy baby.  Evan giggled at Julie and Joel’s attempts to entertain him, and watched in rapt fascination while Joel read his favorite book in the nursery.  As we packed our gear afterwards, we could hear Julie’s lilting laugh as Evan gurgled and cooed his goodbyes.  The early butterflies had been replaced with a satisfaction, Lauren and I sat in the car afterward gushing about the beautiful light, excitedly scrolling through our favorite shots, and warmed by the love shared between two wonderful young people, their son and their dog.


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